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Monart Design


0419 955 863


Monique Tippett


7 Sollya Crescent

Dwellingup, WA 6213


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My name is Monique Tippett.  I am an artist, sculptor and public artist.

My work is an exploration of my relationship with the forest of the South West of WA.

Living and working in the forest is a rich source of inspiration for me, its life force permeates my creative drive with imagery and feeling. Timber is my canvas of choice; it is of the forest itself, which serves to deepen the relationship with the subject. It also has solidity, warmth and texture. I am trained as a fine furniture maker so the craftsmanship of my work is important to me. The timbers I use include Jarrah, Sheoak, Blackbutt, and Marri.

Please call me if you would like to view my work or visit my studio. Commissions are welcome.


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