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Murray Valley Mountain Bike Trails


The first of the brand-new curated trails for Murray Valley at Lane Poole have been opened and the reviews are in. Awsome!


Three downhill mountain bike trails are available, making up the first section of over 25kms planned for the Murray Valley network, catering for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. The “Year one” Green Trail, “Boom Boom” Blue Trail and “Bam Bam” Black Trail, offer a great experience for any mountain bike enthusiast.


The longer-term objective for the area is to create a local mountain bike trail network of National and ultimately International standard that includes both cross country and downhill style trails. It will create a recreational facility for visitors to Dwellingup and Lane Poole Reserve.


Murray Valley Trails 
Please consider your skill level and experience before choosing a trail. Please ride within your limits. 


Year1 is a 2.3km descending green trail suitable for beginners. The trail features open rolling grade reversals, large cambered turns and flowing features on a wide smooth surface. 


Boom Boom is a 1.4km blue downhill flow trail which has large natural surfaced features such as table tops, step downs and step ups, rollers and berms. 


Bam Bam is a 1.3km black downhill flow trail that should be ridden by advanced riders only. The trail is fast with difficult features such as double whale back jumps and rollers, steep step downs and rock gardens.


Enjoy some of the latest youtube videos posted by early riders.





Notice to trail users


Many tracks and trails are subject to seasonal conditions, restrictions due to maintenance or wildfire and controlled burn restrictions.  This site provides general track/trail information but not the current status of the track/trail. Users should contact Parks and Wildlife Perth Hills District office in Mundaring (08) 9290 6100 for current track/trail information.